30-Day Jump Start Coaching Program

Are you just starting a new business or want a shot in the arm for your current business? The next level is a few focused, intentional weeks away.

The 30-Day Jump Start Coaching Program has been designed for professionals who are ready for the next level, want the step-by-step instructions on how to get there, and the accountability to make sure it happens!

This Program will help you get – and stay – on track. If you're ready to get clarity, have new-found focus, jump-start your momentum and create the foundation for on-going success, this is the Program for you. There are five key focus areas in the Program:

  • Pre-Start Action: Do a Professional Inventory
    You will answer questions to determine “What’s working?” and “What’s not working?” Once identified, we will be able to ensure you make progress in a very short period of time.
  • Key Focus Area #1: Identify One Focus Area
    We will focus on making measurable progress in one key area of your professional or personal life.
  • Key Focus Area #2: Get Organized
    In order to get to the next level, there are simple steps and strategies to execute.
  • Key Focus Area #3: Create Your Plan
    Together, we’ll put together a solid 100-Day Plan you can execute on your own, or with assistance.
  • Key Focus Area #4: Go Guerrilla!
    Once your Plan is complete, we’ll determine best practices to move you quickly and efficiently toward your most important goals and outcomes.

Investment: $1,000 for 4 20-30-minute session

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Personal Business Coaching with Your Own Short-Term Massive Action (STMA) 100-Day Action Program Business Coach

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