Darren Copeland“I came into contact about a year ago with Honorée through a mutual friend in Las Vegas. We began our coaching sessions immediately and the results have been fantastic! Honorée has taught me how to organize my personal life to be in balance with my professional life. The results have been more time with my family and a dramatic increase in profits. One of the keys to my success has been to position myself to have my customers chase me and not chasing the business. The outcome has been nothing short of phenomenal. She's a wonderful coach as well as a great person and I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Honorée!”
Darren Copeland
Branch Manager
Leader One Financial
Kansas City, MO


Honorée is stellar on all fronts. I found her "100 Day" Coaching Program to be exceptional, inspirational and career changing. Honorée helped me gain a heightened focus and attention to my practice and daily routine that has enabled me to accomplish more than I ever could have imagined.

Jennifer L. Sostrin
Los Angeles, CA


“Honorée has been my professional coach for the past year – as a result, my practice has grown more in that year than the ten prior years combined!!! Honorée gave me the clarity of setting specific goals, motivated me to pursue my vision, and, most importantly, held me accountable for attaining greater success in both my personal and business life. I could not recommend a better person to help others to take action to recognize and achieve their dreams!!!”
Craig Stone, ESQ.
Fox Rothschild
Las Vegas, NV

David White“Honorée’s caring and warm demeanor coupled with her no-nonsense approach to coaching is the best I’ve seen. With her support she helps keep you focused and grounded, and is the ideal mentor to guide even the most stubborn among us. Honorée’s understanding of business, people, and skilled approach make her a must for any c-level executive wanting to reach further – both personally and professionally. She most certainly has been that sometimes uncomfortable feeling in the backside booting me forward! Thanks Honorée, and I look forward to our continued work.”
David White
White Business Advisors

Las Vegas, NV


Dennis“I wouldn’t have been able to consistently exceed our business goals by 100% without Honorée’s help. She was the piece of the puzzle I was missing in my life to be inspired and motivated on my potential as a professional. She has transformed my life and allowed me to dream of goals while holding me accountable the entire time. She consistently makes connections for me and goes above and beyond as a business coach. She rocks!!!!!”
Dennis Berlien, PE
Wright Engineers
Las Vegas, NV


"The great thing about Honorée is her distinct style of coaching, which combines a solid goal setting program with flexibility and a sense of fun. Sure, she has an agenda, but it's about helping her clients achieve success in their own way using her program as the foundation. When I first received her 100-day coaching plan, I was intimidated. Goal sheets, homework, action plans. As a publisher, I was already buried by paper! But when I relayed that I wanted to learn to manage the workload I had, not increase it -- she quickly customized my sessions so they worked for me. She can be very supportive, but doesn't back down when it's time for me to follow through on my commitments. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve more in life.
Valery Behr
Publisher, Greenspun Media Group
Henderson, Nevada


Eric Johnson"You have helped me work wonders in my practice. I've gone from $8K to $50K in just 9 months . and I've expanded to include an associate! My focus has improved and my productivity has skyrocketed. I'm taking advantage of all available opportunities and growing more quickly than I had ever thought possible. I truly appreciate your insight and advice, most of all your encouragement. You are my Jerry McGuire!"
Eric Johnson, ESQ.
Eric L. Johnson, PLLC
Phoenix, Arizona



Sharon Powers"Honoree presented at the North Las Vegas Chamber's first Women's Leadership Conference and her on-stage presence and demeanor captivated the audience. She was able to connect with the attendees, which could have been challenging due to the widely diverse group in the room. Honoree's delivery is professional and entertaining, while providing useful information and tips to advance your career."
Sharon Powers
President & CEO
North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce


“Honorée brings your vision to life...then takes you beyond it! If you want to accelerate your real-time results and live a no-limit life she will take you there!”
Jacque Alger, CPA,
Facilitator at AuditWatch
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Honorée Corpron is one of those people whose walk matches her talk! She is not only an incredible coach--bright, gifted, out-of-the-box thinker and strategist--she truly cares about people. She is all about results, but knows how to help you get them and still have a great life. ONLY hire Honorée Corpron if you are ready to have your life and business take off like a rocket!!”
Betty Mahalik,
Owner, Coach, Speaker, Trainer
Dynamic Solutions Coaching & Training
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Honorée works unbelievable magic with individuals and within a firm. Honorée is straight to the point and knows her area of expertise. She is an asset to any company or individual. I highly recommend Honorée.”
Julie Booth, CPA
Julie A. Booth, CPA, LTD.
Las Vegas, Nevada

“I was fortunate enough to write a story about Honorée's executive coaching services, which meant that I got to experience her coaching for myself. She helped me move on to the next phase of my career through her guidance, wisdom and what I like to call her "cheerleading", and helped me realize my full potential. Honorée is the person you ask when you want to know the truth. Confident and straight-forward, yet still personable, she is an effective coach who will help you get wherever it is you want to go.”
Grace Bascos
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Honorée gives great seminar! I highly recommend Honorée for motivating and training associates, sales staff, and the like to be the best at obtaining referral business.”
Erika Pike Turner, ESQ.
Gordon Silver
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Honorée and I have been business associates for over a decade. Since we met through business, I have had the pleasure to watch her grow and evolve her business to what it is today. Honorée IS the example of her own winning strategies which is why her clients and I benefit so much from her coaching. I cannot thank her enough for helping me.”
Dena Vinson,
CEO, Trine Commerce Systems
Austin, Texas

“Honorée is a unique blend of intelligence, humor, energy, and business savvy all rolled up into one amazing package. Her zest for life and passion for her work speaks for itself--you need only meet her face-to-face and you will know exactly what I mean. Working with Honorée is truly a privilege and she has been a motivating force behind the manifestation of my personal vision and goals. Honorée is someone you need to know!”
Michael Sunnarborg, PMP,
Owner/President, Creative Consulting
Bangalore, India

“I've partnered with Honorée on book launch cross promotions and was very impressed with the quantity and quality of her work. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would encourage anyone to engage Honorée to improve your business, career and life.”
Warren Whitlock,
Book Marketing Expert, ZeroCostPromotions.com
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Honorée is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs I know. She challenges others to think outside the box and reach their full potential all the while pushing herself to do the same. Honorée sets outrageous goals and achieves them. Every conversation with her takes you to a new level, empowering you to be the best you can be. Let Honorée be your secret weapon to success!”
Jennifer Glacken
Glacken Health & Wellness

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I'm looking forward to working with you to reach your goals!
Honorée Corpron
Visionary, Business Strategist, Author, Coach, Mom

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